Cultural Tours Handcrafted in Morocco

Responsible travel

Economic, environmental and social responsibility

It’s very important to us that by hosting visitors in Morocco that we are all mindful of the environment, the traditions and local etiquette - this is especially important for us when visiting the remote rural areas, mountains and Sahara desert. We want your visit to leave a lasting impression only upon your spirit, but not upon the landscape.

Some will say that in order not to have a negative impact on local ecology, climate and environment, then the tourist should never go travelling! The domestic economy of Morocco is very much dependent on inbound tourism and targets have been set within Morocco to increase the influx of foreign visitors hugely over the coming decade. This requires a delicate and thoughtful approach at all levels.

Our ethos

Strange Desert Plants At SheherazadVentures we want to strike the balance between the need for economic prosperity and the preservation of local traditions, livelihoods, communities and delicate eco-systems.

We also feel that responsible travel works both ways. It’s the duty of the local team to give enough information to the visitor to help them understand what they see and help them to be both respected and respectful.

  • Clients will receive a welcome letter including tips on responsible tourism and cultural etiquette issues. This is also available on our website. For larger groups tours there is a cultural briefing session on arrival by your tour leader.

  • SheherazadVentures is committed to responsible tourism through our work practices and our local affiliations.

  • All our tours are designed to make a positive contribution to the quality of life for local people.

  • We are working in collaboration with a community association, in the village of M’Hamid el Ghizlane, to design and deliver specialist activity holidays and community volunteering tours which bring the traveller and the local community into close contact for cultural, recreational and meaningful exchange. These are available by request only from interested groups.

  • We use only indigenous guides, support staff and local approved transport providers to ensure that maximum economic benefits are enjoyed by our host communities.

  • Where possible we use Moroccan-owned accommodation and restaurants that provide good working conditions and employment for local people.

  • We ensure that certified official guides are engaged in major cities and at historic sights so as not to undermine the role of Morocco’s Official Tour Guides.

  • In order to promote the distribution of tourism wealth, on our travels we encourage clients to purchase supplies and souvenirs from smaller shops, individual artisans and co-operatives out of the main tourist centres.

  • Clients are asked to use eco-friendly biodegradable products where no water treatment or filtration is available.

  • On our 4x4 off-road desert expeditions, experienced local drivers will ensure that only established pistes are followed to ensure minimum disturbance and erosion of surrounding desert dunes and eco-systems.

  • This social and cultural element is the whole driving ethos of our company and that which makes us different from any other tour organiser in Morocco—we call it ‘socio-ethico-mmercial’ tourism!

  • We support a number of local non-profit organisations and ask our clients to help where they can with either cash donations or simply by bringing items such as unwanted clothing or educational supplies.

Non-Profit Organisations that we support:

  • In the Sahara desert we work with Zbar Association for Development and Environment to assist nomad families living in M’Hamid el Ghizlane region. HOW YOU CAN HELP: Donations of clothing, school equipment and basic medical supplies for local clinic (we have a list of what is needed). Through this association we also coordinate any artistic cultural exchanges of community events for visiting groups/artists.

  • In the HIgh Atlas Mountains we support the High Atlas Foundation which provides grass-roots community development training and eco-projects for sustainable development. HOW YOU CAN HELP: We ask our clients to make voluntary donation of 150dh/£10 and will add it to the cost of your holiday.

Jarjeer Mules

  • We also support the animal welfare charity, Jarjeer Mules, who run a sanctuary in the foothills of the Atlas, providing care for over-worked, under-nourished mules and donkeys in the Atlas Mountains. The charity also aims to educate local people on how to take better long-term care of their mules. The sanctuary is open to visitors and makes a lovely family excursion. HOW YOU CAN HELP: To assist the work of this charity we add a surcharge of 65dh/£5 per person on any mule-trekking activity booked with us.

Our Memberships:

Our long term aims

  • We hope, as the company develops, to provide in-service practical English Language training for our ground staff, guides and drivers to enable them to better deliver hospitality and tourist service to the expanding English-speaking market and to improve their employment prospects.

  • We aim to create a job for a community-based Moroccan coordinator in the village of M’Hamid el Ghizlane to manage the development of our recreational community projects and cultural activities for out clients.

  • If your group has a community arts, sports and/or environmental project that you wish to share with the people of south Morocco, then please get in touch.