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Weather and climate

Moroccan seasons are similar to mainland Europe, as follows:

Spring: March - May

Summer: June - September

Autumn: October - November

Winter: December - February

The climate in Morocco varies according to the area and the altitude. Generally the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts enjoy a mild climate with hot summers cooled down by gentle sea breezes; with wet and rainy short winters. Both coasts are ideal beach holiday destinations in the summer months (July and August), but those not dependent on school holidays will find the Atlantic Coast at its warmest in September and October.

The weather becomes more extreme in the interior with very hot summers and cold winters. Marrakech becomes very hot in summer (often at over 40ºC/104ºF) and although winters are sunny, the breeze off the snow-tipped Atlas Mountains determines the need for a coat. The best time to visit Marrakech is Spring or Autumn. The average winter temperature in Marrakech is around 21º centigrade during the daytime, while in summer the average is about 38º.

In the Sahara Desert, summers are extremely hot (over 45ºC/113ºF). Winters are dry and while days are sunny and bright (18-20ºC/64-68ºF), nights can get bitterly cold (close to freezing), due to the cold breeze off the Atlantic coast.

In the Atlas Mountains, temperatures can fall down to below zero in winter and at high altitudes snowfalls are heavy. The highest peaks stay snow-capped well into the summer. Springtime in the mountains is charming, as the melt waters bring nature back to life and fruit trees sprinkle their blossom in the breeze.

The activities you wish to undertake in Morocco (such as camel riding, hiking and trekking, mountain climbing, wild camping or watersports) may be influenced by the season and the weather. We are happy to advise when it is best for you to come for particular sports and interests.

For more detail about the weather and climate in Morocco we recommend the BBC Weather Morocco Guide.