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We arrange a number of exciting add-on adventure and cultural activities for our clients to make their Morocco trip that bit extra special. These can be booked as add-ons to a multi-day tour only. However, please see the important note at the bottom of the page.

Camel trekking

Camel trekking in the Moroccan Sahara

This is one of our most popular activities. Many visitors to Morocco love to take the opportunity to ride a camel (or, rather, dromedary - the local variety have one hump, not two). We can offer a short trip around the environs of Marrakech or a longer trek into the vast Sahara desert - even for an overnight stop. No matter the distance covered, you are sure to be impressed by the steady, swaying pace and your camel trek will be an unforgettable experience!

We can offer camel trekking in Erg Chebbi, Erg Chigaga, M’Hamid, Zagora and Merzouga as part of our Sahara Desert tours; as well as in Lake Iriqui National Park; in Marrakech (in the Palmeraie); in the Agafay Desert and in Essaouira (on the beach and surrounding dunes).

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Canyoning in the Ourika Valley

Canyoning (or canyoneering) is a great way to see some of Morocco’s dramatic river and gorge scenery. It involves various techniques, depending on the geographical, geological and weather conditions. These can include walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, wading and swimming. We offer canyoning year –round in safe conditions with qualified guides for a range of levels. Even if you are not an accomplished climber or swimmer, we can arrange a canyoning experience in the Ourika Valley, near Marrakech.

We offer canyoning in the Ourika Valley, which is an easy day excursion from Marrakech and this is a great way to see the spectacular natural landscape of the river. We can also provide the activity as part of a longer stay in the Ourika Valley area.

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Carpet weaving

Carpet weaving in Tazenakht

Carpets and rugs have been woven in Morocco for centuries. On your trip you will see carpets made using several different techniques and with different colour combinations and symbols. SheheradVentures works with a women’s cooperative in Tazenakht, in the Anti-Atlas Mountains region. This area is particularly famous for weaving. It takes on average 10 kg of raw wool to make one rug. We can arrange a half-day session with the women of the cooperative so you can try your hand at weaving techniques and preparation of the wool. Longer stays in the area for a more in-depth introduction to carpet weaving are also possible.

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Cookery class

Moroccan cookery classes

A great way to learn more about Moroccan culture is through its cuisine. The influences on Moroccan cuisine and the unique blends of herbs and spices used Moroccan cooking represent the richly diverse heritage of this kingdom. Depending on which part of the country you visit, the local dishes may feature Spanish, French, Portuguese, Jewish or Arabian elements. In a cookery class you could learn how to make Morocco’s signature dishes, such as tajine or couscous or perhaps local sweet and savoury pastries such as briouats (flaky pastry parcels stuffed with meat, seafood or vegetables) or cornes de gazelles (crescent moon shaped sweet pastries stuffed with almond paste). We offer cookery classes in the cities of Marrakech and Fes as well as in the coastal cities of Essaouira and Oualidia, where you may learn local fish and seafood specialities.

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Golf courses are plentiful in Morocco

The year-round sunshine, the proximity to Europe and a number of excellent quality courses has made Morocco an international golfing destination. Golf clubs in Marrakech and Agadir are particularly well known and as well as offering golf in these two destinations, we can also recommend the courses in Essaouira and El Jadida.

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Hammam and spa

The Moroccan hammam (Turkish bath) rituals are world famous and several hotels and cities in Morocco have world famous spa facilities. Whether you want an authentic scrub down in a local hammam or a luxury day spa experience in one of Morocco’s 5-star hotels, we can recommend facilities in several of the stops on our tours, including Fes, Marrakech, Oualidia, Agadir, Bin el Ouidane and Taghazout.

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Hiking & walking

Morocco is a country with many hiking and walking routes

Vast swathes of the Moroccan countryside are still relatively inaccessible by vehicle and are best explored on foot. Whether you are an experienced trekker or an enthusiastic walker, we can recommend destinations and guides to suit all ages and abilities. A walking tour or hike is an ideal way to get to know more about the natural environment, flora and fauna of Morocco and get an insight into local life. Several of our walking excursions call in on Berber families for tea or a meal and a unique chance to see their lifestyle. Ask about hiking and walking in any of our destinations, including the Agafay Desert; on our Atlas Mountains tours (Toubkal National Park, Azrou, Imlil, Ouzoud, Ourika Valley, Ouirgane Valley, Ait Bougemez); on Southern Valleys and Oases tours (Skoura Valley and Oasis, Dadès Gorge, Todra Gorge; Kelaa M’Gouna, Agdz); on Desert Tours (around Ait Benhaddou, M’Hamid el Ghizlane, Tata or N’Kob); in the Middle Atlas Mountains (around Azrou, Ben el Ouidane lake or Midelt); as well as in and around the northern city of Chefchaouen; in coastal areas such as Essaouira, Taghazout and Paradise Valley (from Agadir), or in Taroudant and Tafraoute (for walks into the Anti-Atlas Mountains).

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Horse riding

Exhilarating horse riding near Essaouira

Whether windswept beaches, dramatic mountains or beautiful blossom-filled valleys, Morocco’s beautiful landscape lends itself to exploration on horseback. Riders of all abilities and ages are welcome to book horse-riding excursions with us. We work with responsible and experienced stables in Agadir, the Agafay Desert, Marrakech, Skoura, Ouirgane Valley, Mirleft, Essaouira and El Jadida.

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Hot-air ballooning

Hot-air ballooning near Marrakech

We are proud to be able to offer spectacular hot-air balloon rides in the Agafay Desert and over Marrakech. Offered as a day excursion, and dependent on weather conditions, this is a full day activity leaving Marrakech early in the morning in order to get to the departure point in the desert. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the ‘Red City’ of Marrakech and the surrounding mountains and desert from above - a perspective few people have the opportunity to enjoy.

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Mule trekking

Mule trekking in Morocco

Known as the ‘Berber 4x4’, the mule is an essential mode of transport in rural Morocco. Hardy and adaptable, mules offer the chance to cover greater distances and access more rural areas than walking or driving might permit. Not to mention, the chance to travel like a real local! We offer mule trekking in our High Atlas Mountains tours in the Toubkal National Park, Ouirgane Valley and Ait Bougemez and on Southern Valleys and Oases tours in Kelaa M’Gouna.

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Off-road cycling

Off-road cycling in the Moroccan countryside

A great way to get out into nature and explore the terrain of Morocco’s hills and valleys is by mountain bike. We use knowledgeable local bike hire companies with responsible guides to ensure that your ride is informative, interesting and safe. Get out on two wheels in on our Southern Valleys and Oases tours in Agdz, the Dadès Valley, at Bin el Ouidane lake, or in the foothills of the Atlas mountains, in Ouirgane or the Ourika Valley.

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Pottery making

Pottery making in Tamegroute

Moroccan pottery and ceramics are known worldwide and each region has its speciality. We work with potters in Tamegroute, in the Draa Valley. On certain of our Southern Valleys and Oases tours and Sahara Desert tours to Erg Chegaga, we pass through Tamegroute and visitors have an opportunity to have a short (1-2 hour) lesson in the quintessential green pottery of the region. This is suitable as a family activity but for pottery and crafts enthusiasts, we can offer a more intensive 3-day residency course as part of the SheherazadVentures Special-interest Berber pottery making tour. The Berber pottery co-operative at Tamegroute is within 30 minutes drive south from Zagora.

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Quad biking

Quad biking in Morocco

For those who like the thrill of an engine rather than the sway of a camel, quad bikes are a great way to explore the great Moroccan outdoors, particularly sandy terrains such as the dunes of the desert and beaches. No experience is necessary and quad biking is also suitable as a family activity, as children can be accompanied by adults. As well as instructing you in how to drive the quad bike, our guides will show you local sights, flora and fauna during your ride. Quad biking is available in Marrakech, and the Agafay Desert; on Southern valleys and Oases Tours and Sahara Desert Dunes trips in Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, M’Hamid, Skoura or Merzouga/Erg Chebbi; at Ben el Ouidane in the Atlas Mountains; and on the Atlantic Coast at Agadir, Mirleft, Essaouira and El Jadida.

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Rock climbing

Rock climbing in Toubkal National Park

The mountain ranges and spectacular river gorges of Morocco offer exciting opportunities for rock climbing. We can cater for all levels, with expert guidance and tuition available in English. Rock climbing can be arranged for you in the Todra Gorge (which is part of our Southern Valleys and Oases tours); just outside Marrakech in the Toubkal National Park (in the High Atlas Mountains) as well as in Tafraoute in the Anti Atlas mountains. We also offer special Interest Rock-climbing tours for keen climbers. Our rock-climbing itineraries are all with qualified AMGA instructors and all equipment and safety gear is supplied.

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Sandboarding down Saharan dunes in Morocco

Sandboarding - as the name suggests, is like snowboarding only on the dunes - is an increasingly popular activity on our Sahara Desert tours. We offer sandboarding at both main dune zones in Morocco, Merzouga/Erg Chebbi and M’Hamid/Erg Chigaga. Our nomad partners in M’Hamid el Ghizlane have been enjoying sliding down the dunes on trays and whatever they can invent, for generations – long before sandboards arrived on the scene.

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Surfing & water sports

Surfing & water sports

Morocco’s Southern Atlantic Coast is world renowned for a number of water sports and several world champions began their careers here. The area between Agadir and Essaouira is particularly well known. Essaouira and further north are known for windsurfing; Essaouira itself is a world-class kite surfing location. The area to the south, particularly around Taghazout, is famous for surfing. We can arrange lessons and kit hire for everyone from beginners to experienced water babies in various locations, depending on expertise level and wind/wave conditions, including: Essaouira, Agadir, Mirleft, Oualidia, Taghazout and El Jadida on the Atlantic Coast and at Bin el Ouidane lake.

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Wild camping

Wild camping in the Moroccan Sahara

We are happy to assist visitors to Morocco wishing to go wild camping. The nomadic culture of certain Moroccan regions means that wild camping in Morocco isn’t the legal minefield it is in other countries. However, we can help ensure that you are well-equipped and camping in an area which is appropriate and safe. We offer wild camping on our Sahara Desert tours at Merzouga/Erg Chebbi and M’Hamid/Erg Chigaga. There is nothing quite like spending a night under the vast desert skies and waking to the sunrise over the dunes! We can also offer wild camping in Lake Iriqui National Park. In all instances you will be accompanied by a local experienced desert guide and a camel-handler. Accommodation is in 2-person igloo tents and cooking is on an open fire.

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Zip-lining near Marrakech

We offer zip-lining (and many other outdoor activities such as archery, accro-park, walking, climbing, horse-riding or swimming) at a specialist outdoor adventure centre in the forests of the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, less than one hour’s drive from Marrakech. We can offer a visit to the park as a day excursion from Marrakech, which can also be combined with an overnight stay in the Ouirgane Valley or Imlil (or as an add on to any tour starting or ending in Marrakech). Tree-top and zip-line activities are accessible for children aged from 6 years upwards. An ideal family day out!

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We insist that all our clients have valid comprehensive Travel Insurance to cover them for all risks associated with any extra activities they undertake (check your policy and see our Terms and Conditions). We book activities on your behalf through responsible local partners, community contacts and professional providers, but we at SheherazadVentures accept NO responsibility or liability for any accident, loss or injury that may arise.